A new 3D horizon: glTF import and export with Archilogic

By Martin Splitt posted December 20, 2016


At Archilogic we believe that tools like our web-based 3D editor and others should foster creativity and productivity and not interfere with your work and goals. This is why we allow to import 3D content in various formats (e.g. OBJ, IFC) and export Archilogic 3D models to other formats (e.g. OBJ, FBX, Blender, Collada or DXF).

exporting 3D formats options

Those formats have been around for a while and are a great way to exchange 3D data between different desktop applications, but they are not necessarily the best fit for the current generation of web-based 3D editing tools as summarized by this quote from Ross McKegnex on the glTF website:

"Unlocking 3D content from proprietary desktop applications to the cloud creates massive new opportunities for collaboration."

Importing and Exporting glTF to and from Archilogic 3D editor

Today we are publicly releasing the possibility to import and export glTF to and from our 3D editor. You can try it out by dragging a glTF model, for example one of the official sample models, into a browser window of the Archilogic editor and saving it.

Below is a tutorial video, how to do it: Import glTF files via drag and drop over the browser window

We believe in glTF's mission to become the "JPEG of 3D" which is to say that glTF aims to become a universal, royalty-free and open standard to exchange 3D data, ready for the web and massive online collaboration.

At Archilogic, we are working together with the community by helping spread glTF support as well as increasing the amount of available test data.

If you want to see how glTF looks in our editor, try this example of the glTF sample files in Archilogic:

glTF: a versatile 3D format for the web

Last but not least, we should mention that glTF supports a variety of features that makes it suitable for a wide range of use cases. Even though we are not supporting all features at the moment, we'd like to highlight some of the features of the format:

The future of 3D on the web

We believe that glTF provides a versatile, flexible and useful format to share 3D content on the web.

At Archilogic we want to do our part by not only opening up our tool to consume and produce glTF files from our editor but we also look forward to help contributing to the specification and the repository of sample models soon.

We hope to see other vendors pick up glTF support and help improving the way we share and collaborate with 3D data on the web.

*) Limited support in Archilogic
**) Not supported in Archilogic